List of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches in September

Although this month’s list may not be as long as August’s, it’s by far the most shocking of the year so far. The number of payment card breaches in the US appears to be going up and up and an end isn’t in sight. This list will continue to be updated until the very end of September, and as there’s a high chance of more breaches due to the revelation of Shellshock, I suggest you come back for updates.

Payment card breaches

880,000 Affected by Viator Payment Card Breach

Biggest ever data breach? Home Depot hack attack could involve 60 million payment cards

800k Payment Cards Compromised in Goodwill Industries Breach

Payment card data stolen in Jimmy John’s data breach

Hotel Chain Suffers Payment Card Breach

Personal data breaches

Florida medical center hit with breach for third time in two years

Data breach at Tampa General Hospital

Central Utah Clinic notifies over 30K patients of potential HIPAA breach

Computer hardware containing patient data stolen from Ohio plastic surgery office

5 Million Leaked Gmail Passwords Sounds Pretty Scary, But Was It?

Other attacks and breaches

Biggest attack on Website hit by 10 Gbps DDoS

Operation Harkonnen: European Cyber Espionage Went Undetected for 13 Years

Naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrity starlets leak online

eBay XSS vulnerability used iPhones as bait, redirected users to phishing page

Hackers attack Namecheap accounts

Healthcare information compromised at Temple University, Philadelphia

ObamaCare Website Hacked

New ‘Shellshock’ bash bug affects 500 million computers, servers and devices.


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